Resolution Center

The Resolution Center is a secure and easy way to manage all your claims for recalls. When you are notified of a recall you’ll be able to submit a claim with the manufacturer using our Resolution Center. We’ll help you get your recalled item refunded, replaced or repaired. The Resolution Center helps get your refund or replacement faster because you’ll be able to communicate with the manufacturers directly. It’s easy to use because you won’t have to search for their contact info, and you’ll be able to manage the communication in one place.

The claim workflow contains four statuses. The claim's statuses are: Sent, Received, Resolved and Closed. The claim workflow starts when a user submits a claim and the system marks it as Sent. When a manufacturer start communicating with a user, the claim is marked as Received. When a user is satisfied with the response from a manufacturer by either replace, refund or fix a recalled item, a user can mark his claim as resolved. After that, the manufacturer is able to mark all resolved claims as closed.

New Claims

You can submit a claim from the recalled product page by clicking on the “Contact the Supplier” link. The claim form lets you add detail for your claim. You’ll be notified when the supplier responds to your claim and you’ll be able to mark your claim as resolved when you get your fix, refund or replacement item. Businesses will be able to manage multiple recalls at the same time from one place; cutting down on costs of processing claims and making sure their customers are satisfied.

Resolved and Closed Claims

Once a business has addressed a user’s claim the user can mark the claim as resolved. The Resolved Claims section lists all of the claims that are resolved and are ready to be closed. The Closed Claims section is a list of all the closed claims by businesses.

Resolution Center Reporting and Analytics

The Reports Center contains a set of reports for all your activity in the Resolution Center. You can run reports and filter out submitted claims by date, status or category. In addition, you can measure how long it takes from your team to close a claim since creation.