Reports Center

The Reports Center is a personalized view of recalled products. It combines the user’s products list items with system data to report on products that have been recalled. The Reports section lists available reports that can be filtered by a variety of user preferences.

The reports in the Reports Center show the recalled products a user has added from different viewpoints. A user can view the number of recalled products they have added to their list by the product category (food, vehicles, drugs etc.). A user can view the claims they have submitted by category or statuses. Users can track the number of rewards credits they have earned every month; accumulating credits by adding more products or vehicles to their products list or sharing eRecall with friends.

Users can view recalled products by the federal organization that has published the recall notice or by the store that recalled the product. Reports are available that show the number of recalls by the country, the recalls by remedy type (refund, repair, replace or if it’s a vehicle recall) , and the savings by category.

Resigter to unlock the powerful features of the reports center. Below is a glimpse of the reports center landing page.