Products Center

The Products Center lets you manage all your purchases in one place. You can add food, drugs, vehicles, toys or any other product to your individual products list. Adding your products will let you accumulate points through the reward system. If a product ever becomes recalled you’ll have one place where you can track it. You’ll be notified if something you use has been recalled and with one click you’ll be able to submit a claim with the manufacturer. Read more about claims using the Resolution Center.

Products List and tools

With a Personal account you’ll be able to use automated tools to import your eBay purchases automatically. You just need to login to eRecall and all the products you have bought online or are on your watchlist will be added to your products list. If you have a Business account, the goods that you have sold or listed on Amazon and eBay will be imported. So you’ll know if anything you are selling becomes recalled too. And if you have bought or sold any recalled products you can manage claims using the Resolution Center.

You’re always free to search for products too. Our site has the latest information on recalls which lets you track specific brands before buying their products. This gives you an easy way to know if you can trust the product before you commit to buy it.


We’re always looking for ways to keep you safe and the Stores feature lets us know the stores you shop at, so that we can notify you if they have recently sold anything recalled. Just add the stores you want to track and we’ll let you know right away if they recall anything.


You can add all your vehicles so you’ll know straightaway if any recalls affect you. You’ll be able to know immediately if any mechanical part that could affect your safety has been recalled by the manufacturer. Also, when you add your vehicles you’ll accumulate points in the rewards system. And using our Resolution Center you’ll be able to submit a claim or contact the manufacturer.