1 Sign up to eRecall

Sign Up to eRecall

2 eRecall automated tools that integrates with eCommerce sites such as : amazon and ebay

Use the eRecall automated tools to import all items that you own, purchase or sell; all food, drugs, vehicles, medical devices and products can be imported in one stop.

3 Get notified with any recalled items you own, get refunded and save money

As daily recall events occur, get notified by the notification center since all assets are protected by erecall platform.

4 Resolution center to contact the suppliers, manufacturers and distributors

Use eRecall Resolution Center to get refund, replace or a fix for a recalled item.

5 Access your account anywhere using your mobile or the web. eRecall enterprise tools that integrates with CRM and ERP systems

Access your assets anywhere using our mobile app, reporting center, enterprise software tools in ERP & CRM systems